Moldova will not join NATO – expert names reasons

Director of the Center for Strategic Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov believes that Moldova can not join NATO for a number of objective reasons.

The Telegram-channel Choice of Moldova writes about it.

Konovalov stated: “There are objective reasons why Moldova can’t join NATO, because there is a problem with Transnistria, for which solutions are not seen in the West and they prefer to leave everything as it is.”

According to him, the political situation in Moldova in recent years is such that it does not seem stable for the structures of the alliance. Konovalov emphasized that the understanding of stability is extremely important for the North Atlantic Alliance, since it is one of the criteria for considering the country’s accession to the bloc.

“It is impossible to join as long as there is a Transnistrian problem. First of all, it needs to be solved for NATO. But we understand that a solution is impossible based on the theses used by the Moldovan leadership and, respectively, by the West. So the situation has been in limbo for so many years and it will remain so”, –  the expert concluded.


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