Iran to produce Sputnik V vaccine against coronavirus

Iranian authorities have agreed with Russia to launch the production of the Sputnik V vaccine in the territory of the republic

Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali spoke about successful talks on the issue as early as February 10. Now, he said, Tehran also has a production plan.

“We expect the production capacity to be more than 40 million doses of the vaccine”, –  the diplomat said.

As News Front reported earlier, Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine was the first of its kind. The West tried to compromise the drug, accusing Russia of being rash, but opinion on Sputnik V has recently changed dramatically.

Russia is now working on registering its vaccine with the European Union, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Moscow her help in doing so. The European Commission has also made it clear that the Commonwealth countries have the right to use the Russian drug, which Hungary has already taken advantage of.

The drug has also been approved in Argentina, UAE, Palestine, Iran, Belarus, Bolivia, Serbia, Algeria, Venezuela, Mexico and other countries.


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