Georgian leadership shocked the State Department

Frustrated with the actions of Georgian elites, Washington says Tbilisi has taken a “step backwards” on the democratic path

A few hours ago the Georgian security forces detained Nika Melia, an associate of Mikheil Saakashvili and head of the pro-American United National Movement party. According to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the law enforcers did not go beyond the bounds of the law.

The US embassy has already reacted to the law enforcers’ actions. They said the State Department was “concerned” by the actions of official Tbilisi.

“We are shocked by the divisive rhetoric that Georgia’s leaders have used during the crisis. Violent methods and aggression are not the way to resolve Georgia’s political differences. Georgia today has taken a step backwards towards a stronger democracy within the Euro-Atlantic family of nations”, –  US diplomats said.


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