Zelensky is a consistent successor of misanthropic policy of the previous regime

Today marks exactly 7 years since the day when the Rada deputies voted for the unconstitutional removal from power of the legally elected President of Ukraine

This decision, unprecedented in its cynicism, was voted for by the deputies of the presidential Party of Regions, who betrayed their voters and their president. From that day on, the Ukrainian parliament turned into an instrument of usurpation of power and the legalization of the most serious crimes against Ukrainian statehood and the Ukrainian people. What happened next, you all remember very well: the unconstitutional appointments of the acting president and the prosecutor general, the announcement of early elections, the announcement of the ATO in the Donbass, the surrender of Crimea, lustration, massive repressions, illegal amendments to the Constitution, and much more, which has already been discussed.

What am I talking about? About that what lawyers know very well: one lawlessness inevitably entails another lawlessness, followed by the next and the next. This series of lawlessness can be stopped only by the force of law. Only a legal assessment of all the events and facts listed will put an end to incessant political speculation, attempts to falsify modern history, heroize criminals and discredit heroes.

Legally-illegal, constitutional-unconstitutional, and not right-wrong, good-bad: these should be the criteria for assessing everything that has happened in Ukraine since 2014. And if President Zelenskiy really wanted to end the atmosphere of hatred and enmity that reigns in Ukraine, he would do just that. He would initiate a legal analysis and achieve a legal assessment of known events with all the ensuing consequences.

Instead, he continued the arbitrariness and lawlessness, and by introducing anti-constitutional sanctions against the citizens of Ukraine, he proved himself to be a consistent successor of the misanthropic policy of the previous regime. This means that for us, Ukrainians, nothing has changed: the country will continue the course of exacerbating the internal political conflict, intensifying repressions against opponents of the government and destroying the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. And the war. War as a central element of the domestic policy of the bankrupt Ukrainian government.

Renat Kuzmin, Ukraine


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