US ​​wants to expand military presence in Greece

According to media reports, Washington is negotiating a new military agreement with Athens and has two main demands:

– Extend the agreement for about five years so that it does not have to be renewed annually;

– Include in the agreement new locations where US forces could be deployed during the rotation of their presence in Greece.

This will be the second updated Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) in three years.

The US government is expected to present a document with more than 20 new strongholds to Greek negotiating partners.

The agreement provides for the expansion of the American base of the Court, the provision of the infrastructure to the United States of the bases of Stefanovikio, Larisa and Alexandroupolis, as well as the possibility, in agreement with Greece, to use any military facility on its territory.

The creation of a new purely American base was not envisaged.


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