The British will not like it: U.S. evaluates prospects for US-British relations under Biden

The United Kingdom is rapidly losing its position on the world stage, and the authorities are trying to compensate for this with American “nitrous meat”.

The British will not like it: U.S. evaluates prospects for US-British relations under Biden

Against the background of how Britain left the European Union, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was actively promoting a trade agreement with the United States. This dubious deal “could become a symbol of US-British cooperation for a long time”, writes the American edition of The Duran.

In a sense, the British government is fortunate – the American Democrats are clearly not in the mood to take revenge on Boris Johnson for his friendship with Donald Trump. But this does not mean at all that relations between the two countries will proceed in a positive manner.

The United Kingdom is now weakened by the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of Brexit. Contrary to the ambitious plans of the conservatives, life outside the EU is a struggle. The publication does not exclude that in the future all this will strengthen Britain. Now it barely matches imperial ambitions. Such an ally is clearly losing value to the United States, despite decades of close cooperation.

The peculiarity is that earlier London was a kind of repeater of Washington’s position in Brussels, and very influential. For obvious reasons, this clause is now being abolished when the US Democratic Administration seeks to normalize relations with the European Union.

“Today we are experiencing the so-called post-American era, with new rounds of confrontation ahead. We see the activity of middleweight players – such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia”, – Nigel Bowles, professor of political science at Oxford University said.

“China is creating serious and deep problems for the new White House team. Although the risk of war is quite low, this issue cannot be completely neglected”.

In such realities, Britain could become a military ally for the United States if it had not pushed its own army into a crisis. According to the UK National Audit Office, the $251 billion that was allocated to equip the army from 2019 to 2029 is simply not enough to cover all requests.

As a result, London has to gamble on a dubious trade agreement with the United States. Of course, Britain’s economic partnership is extremely necessary, The Duran writes, but at such a price? The public is worried that the UK market will be flooded with low-quality American products. For example, ham and bacon in the United States are processed with nitrite extracted from vegetables, which is banned in Europe due to the increased risk of bowel cancer.

London could restrict the import of such products, while maintaining the same high standards, but will not do so. Britain is not in a position to bargain with the United States. It even has nothing to oppose, and therefore the leaders of the country with an important look of the winners will make concessions, the author states.


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