“It is useless to be peaceful”: Riots and pogroms continue in Spain

In Spain, the sixth day of protests continues, which was caused by the arrest of rapper Pablo Asel (Hasel).

The rally in Barcelona began near the Sants station, where the protesters unfurled a poster “You showed us that it is useless to be peaceful”. The crowd then headed towards the city center. The police blocked their approach to the Plaza de España, after which the convoy changed its route and moved to the University Square to the songs of Asel.

When they reached the police station on Laetana Street, the radicals, many of whom were minors, began throwing stones, rubbish, bottles, firecrackers at law enforcement officials, shouting insults, and pulling out road signs. Police vans drove the protesters back.

After that, the demonstrators went to Plaza Catalunya, erecting new barricades along the road and shouting “Catalonia is anti-fascist!”


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