Kurds in northern Syria attack remnants of ISIS*

During the operation, the Arab-Kurdish forces managed to detain more than eighty members of the group, among whom was one of the perpetrators of the murder of two officials in Hasaka province.

Kurds in northern Syria attack remnants of ISIS*

According to the channel “Directorate 4”, the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) together with the international coalition carried out a number of operations against the militants of the Islamic State* banned in Russia in the north and north-east of Syria.

“During interrogation, one of the detained militants, Ibrahim Abdulrazak, nicknamed Hitler, admitted that he had recently joined the group. He said he met with IS* militants four times before starting to take part in the attacks. At the first meetings, the jihadists held courses with him on knowledge of Islamic laws, the basics of jihad, etc. Only after that “Hitler” was allowed to carry out attacks”, – the message says.

In addition to participating in the murder of officials, the detainee admitted that he participated in two more attempts on the life of SDF fighters and people who collaborated with them. At the end of the interrogation, “Hitler” made an ambiguous statement. He said that the instructions and targets for the attacks, as well as the funding for the cell’s attacks, came from Turkey. Moreover, he was supposed to be paid $150 thousand for participation, but the money was never transferred. Also, in case of failure and disclosure, he was promised asylum in Turkey.

“It is quite possible that an Islamist, even if he was involved in the murder, decided to ease his fate and agreed to voice the point of view accepted by the Kurds that Turkey is behind the Islamic State”, – the channel’s journalists write.

* – banned in Russia


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