French MEP says Russia could be an ideal partner for the EU

French MEP Thierry Mariani was one of the few who did not throw stones at Borrell after his recent visit to Moscow.

French MEP says Russia could be an ideal partner for the EU

In an interview with Baltnews, the French politician told who and for what reasons in the EU is the instigator of sanctions against Russia, why the construction of the Nord Stream-2 is important for the region.

“In fact, now in the European Parliament, a significant part or even the majority of the deputies want to move from one area of ​​tension to another in relations with Russia. This is under the influence of some parliamentarians from the Baltic states, Poland and a number of political groups from other countries. For example, the socialists, the “greens” or the group “Renewing Europe”, which included representatives of the former all-European liberal party. They always ask for more sanctions from Europe”, – Mariani said.

According to the MEP, in the EU, many decisions are made based on the interests of the United States, and this leads to a consistent renunciation of sovereignty. Therefore, for some in the EU, it is already surprising that a country defends its sovereignty and its independence.

“I believe that in the European Union, we are going through a kind of crisis because of COVID-19. Problems in the field of health care now allow us to reconsider a lot”, – the French politician believes.

“Who is really the enemy today? This is not Russia, this is not Europe – this is the coronavirus. We must all work together to produce a common vaccine that protects everyone, not oppose each other at all. Many important issues can be resolved during the discussion”.

At the same time, Thierry Mariani is convinced that Russia could be an ideal partner for the European Union.

“I think that Russia and the EU have a common interest, General Charles de Gaulle spoke about this when he expressed the idea of ​​a united Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. We are on the same continent, in the same civilization, we still have the same values, even if we have a different history. In addition, the European Union and Russia can cooperate in the field of technology – those who are now demanding the termination of the Nord Stream-2 project due to the “non-observance” of human rights in Russia are not surprised later that we will have to buy gas from countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women’s rights, for example, have nothing to do with men’s rights. Anyone who calls for the observance of human rights should not be guided by double standards”, – the MEP noted.

Fortunately, according to Mariani, Germany as a whole is a smart country, and Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to stop the project.

“But realize the paradox: some countries are advocating for ever greater environmental friendliness in the European Parliament. For them, it means stopping buying Russian gas and switching to American shale gas. But that doesn’t make sense. These demands to stop Nord Stream-2 are simply based on important American interests”, – the politician summed up.


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