U.S.: the story of two scandals

Two influential American politicians – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Texas Senator Ted Cruise – simultaneously found themselves at the center of two, albeit incomparable, scandals

Cuomo continues to be haunted by the story of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes. The policy of the state authorities turned them into real “plague barracks”, after which the owners of these houses were granted immunity, and information about the deaths there was hidden.

Queens MP Ron Kim, who recently called for an investigation into thousands of deaths in nursing homes, accused Cuomo of political pressure. The governor threatened to end Kim’s career if he did not obey the Democratic Party’s vertical of power in New York.

Cuomo’s aide admitted that they were very afraid of a federal investigation – and therefore chose to hide the truth from the public. But it seems to have no effect: the FBI is now investigating this scandal. Amid the collapsed ratings of Cuomo, other Democrats began to move away from him.

Outgoing New York Mayor Bill di Blasio has officially sided with the city’s deputy. Liberal lawmakers have called for the removal of Cuomo’s powers to fight the epidemic, while Republicans have already launched impeachment proceedings against the New York heavyweight.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz was involved in a scandal of a completely different kind. He left with his family on vacation in Mexico – at the very moment when his native Texas was in a situation of energy collapse. The liberal press immediately erupted with calls for Cruz to step down.

Even if Cruz were in Texas, he would not have influenced anything – he simply does not have such powers, he is not the governor or the president. But it is very significant that the progressive get-together is now more actively outraged by Cruise’s oversight than Cuomo being caught red-handed.

Malek Dudakov


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