Russian senator says there are many more rationally thinking people in Germany than one might think

The Russian senator commented on the recent statement by the head of the German-Russian Forum Matthias Platzeck.

According to the Telegram channel “VZGLYAD.RU”, Germany announced that Moscow was tired of the “eternal reproaches” of the West.

“It seems that Russia is simply tired of us and our eternal reproaches, as well as of the world of double standards. In political terms, we endlessly shake our finger at the Russian Federation, because we think we know everything better than it, because the world should be organized only the way we see it”, – said the head of the German-Russian Forum and the former prime minister of the Federal State of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck.

Platzeck explained that he considers Western values ​​and their defense to be correct, but pointed out that, in his opinion, representatives of these values ​​”should demonstrate them in deeds, not in words”.

“The head of the German-Russian Forum, Matthias Platzeck, is one of the few authoritative politicians in Germany who is not afraid to say things about Russia that are at variance with the dogmas established in Germany. I have spoken at the forum sites in front of a German audience more than once. And I can testify: there are much more thinking and sober people in Germany than you might think. But they speak mostly in a whisper, and this whisper is almost not heard in the machine hum of the main media – factories producing propaganda and loud shouts from the camp of Russophobes”, – the well-known publicist Alexei Pushkov said in response to the statement of the German politician.


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