Russian Foreign Ministry outraged that Russia was not invited to the Munich conference

Russia was not even considered as a participant in the plenary session of the Munich Security Conference, Western partners plan to discuss global problems facing humanity in a narrowed format, Moscow does not share this approach, according to the commentary of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

On Friday, a special online session of the Munich Security Policy Conference was held, which, as it was announced, launched a cycle of events leading up to the IBC plenary session “Road to Munich 2021” closer to summer.

The Russian Foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that, taking into account the stated agenda, among the items of which are such global topics as “urgent problems of world development”, “problems of climate change” and “the fight against the coronavirus pandemic”, the composition of the participants in this event is perplexing.

“In fact, the problems facing all of humanity are planned to be discussed in a very narrowed format. The organizers invited the leaders of the United States and the EU, as well as the UN Secretary General and the WHO Director General to participate in the discussion. About how to involve other countries, including Russia and China, there was no talk”, – said in the commentary Zakharova.

On the contrary, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted, they were considered in the discussion as threats and rivals with which to fight.

“Once again, we have to state the desire of Western partners, which has strengthened in recent years, to solve problems in a narrow circle, to promote solutions that are convenient for them, which will subsequently be imposed on the rest of the international community through the prism of a “rules-based world order”, – Zakharova summed up.

She stressed that Moscow does not share this approach and calls for broad international cooperation on a unifying agenda.

US President Joe Biden, speaking online at the conference, said that Russia intends to undermine the transatlantic cooperation between the United States and European countries. During the conference, he called on the European partners of the United States to adhere to unity in the European Union and within NATO in the light of the “threat from the Russian Federation”.


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