German Business East Committee: Nord Stream 2 meets the interests of entire Europe

In the ongoing dispute over the Russian-German Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea, Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Committee of German Business Michael Harms spoke out and called the project important for the interests of Europe as a whole.

Literally Kharms told the Russian TV channel Russia 1:

“We believe that this is a very useful project. It is useful not only from an economic point of view (…), but also from a political one, because, unfortunately, there are enough political problems between the European Union and the Russian Federation. This project is the very bridge that can support this relationship and bind us together forever”.

Kharms also denied repeated criticism from the United States that Nord Stream-2 is increasing its dependence on Russia.

“This is absolutely not true. This is a very positive economic interdependence that allows relationships to be maintained”.

Kharms was confident that Nord Stream-2 would now be completed, despite repeated attempts to disrupt the project. All attempts to interfere from the outside world also violated the “principle of investment guarantees”. This was very bad for their investment climate, he assured.


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