G7 goes for another intervention – how the West protects its proxies in Ukraine

The G7 has criticized a bill that paves the way for the dismissal of Artem Sytnik, who heads the National Anti-Corruption Bureau

A diplomat of one of the G7 member states, in a commentary for the RBC news agency, called the draft law of the Ukrainian Justice Ministry “an attack on the anti-corruption system”.


He said that the authors of the document were “groups of vested interests and anti-reformist forces that are trying to knock Ukraine off its path towards European integration”.

It is worth mentioning that anti-corruption bodies, which Western governments defend with particular trepidation, were formed by them, but not to fight corruption. The task of such bodies is to control Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians at the expense of the kompromat available on them. Thus, in the years of the anti-corruption system, not a single really big corruption figure has been affected.


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