Certain circles in the UK are interested in escalating anti-Russian hysteria

Commenting on another unfriendly act by “Western partners” towards Russia, in particular Great Britain, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that there are clearly certain circles in the West who are interested in building up anti-Russian hysteria and in keeping the myth of a certain “Russian threat” afloat

Maria Zakharova urged detractors to “move to the side of good”.

“It seems to me that Russian lawmakers can respond to them [the Defence Committee of the British House of Commons]. After all, we have parliamentary diplomacy. I think it is right to give them the floor in this case. It’s already clear that certain circles in Britain are interested in building up anti-Russian hysteria and keeping the myth of some kind of “Russian threat” afloat. If these ideas turn into unfriendly actions, they will get an adequate response from the Russian side”, –  Zakharova explained.

She also called on all detractors “to move to the side of good, and the side of good is the development of civilized relations that would be primarily aimed at the interests of citizens of our countries”.


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