US lobbyists to help ‘servants of the people’ mend relations with EU

The US Department of Justice has released documents stating that “Servants of the People” MPs have hired US lobbyists at a cost of $50,000 per month

US lobbyists to help 'servants of the people' mend relations with EU

The NGO Centre for Transatlantic Interaction and Dialogue, whose founders are assistants of the “Servants of the People” party MPs, has signed a contract with the US company Finsbury Glover Hering.

According to the contract, the consultants are to “provide governmental relations and strategic advice and support to the public organization and political party Sluha Naroda to “facilitate dialogue, exchange and other interactions between members of the Ukrainian parliament, their peers, other US officials and international organizations.

The lobbyists’ services will amount to $50,000 per month. The deal will be valid until the end of December 2021 and may be extended by agreement of the parties.


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