Italy assesses effectiveness of Russian Sputnik V vaccine

Italian Institute of Infectious Diseases named after Lazzaro Spallanzani has conducted a study of scientific materials on clinical trials of the Russian vaccine against Sputnik V coronavirus and confirmed its effectiveness

“We conducted our own study of the scientific materials available to us about the Russian vaccine, including those published by The Lancet. And our conclusion is positive, the effectiveness of the vaccine is over 92% and it is absolutely safe. We submitted the conclusion of the Institute to the Ministry of Health, and it should be delivered to the Prime Minister”, –  said Professor Francesco Vaia, Director of the Institute.

Vaia also said that the conclusion on the safety and efficacy of Russia’s Sputnik V was “purely scientific and technical in nature and devoid of any political background”.

“If the vaccine is effective and safe, it should be used in Italy”, –  the specialist concluded.


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