US will play favourite ‘human rights’ card against China

According to the White House host, talks with Chinese leader Xi Jinping did discuss the situation of human rights violations in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

US will play favourite 'human rights' card against China

According to Glavred, CNN reports that US President Joe Biden has said that the US intends to hold China accountable for Beijing’s possible involvement in human rights abuses. There will be no public condemnation of the situation in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan, but the states plan to explain to the PRC that China’s world leadership is only possible if the state gains the confidence of other countries.

“I plan to make it clear openly that we intend to continue to stand up for human rights at the UN and other organisations that have influence over their behaviour. There will be consequences for China, and Xi Jinping knows that”, –  the US president said.

He also added that if China really wants leadership on the world stage, the state needs to cooperate with other countries and address the issue of human rights abuses.

“China is trying hard to become a world leader. In order to earn that title, for them to be able to do so, they need to gain the trust of other countries. As long as they engage in activities that violate basic human rights, it will be difficult for them to achieve this”, –  stressed Joe Biden.


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