Pentagon scares NATO with ‘Russian threat’

The U.S. said it intends to discuss the threat from Russia at a meeting of NATO defense ministers. According to the U.S. military department, Washington intends to cooperate with Moscow in areas of mutual interest

Pentagon scares NATO with 'Russian threat'

In a briefing to reporters on Tuesday, a senior US military official said Russia poses a threat to all NATO allies, but at the same time Washington expects to work with Moscow where there is mutual interest.

“It is quite clear that Russia is a threat to all NATO allies, including the United States. <…> They are using military force to achieve their goals”, –  argued another briefing presenter, the text of which was distributed by the Pentagon press service.

US officials intend to discuss the topic of Russia in a video conference of the alliance’s defence ministers, which will be attended by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

“The first session of the defence ministers’ meeting will focus on the alliance, on the strength of deterrence and defence, and I think that’s inextricably linked to how we perceive Russia, of course”, –  the Pentagon spokesman explained.

According to his version, the US has “repeatedly witnessed examples of Russia trying to undermine security and stability”. However, he actually avoided answering the question of how exactly Moscow, in his view, threatens Washington.


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