America’s political prisoners

FBI agents made a masked show of storming the flat of a BLM activist in Florida in the early hours of this morning. They broke in like a terrorist by breaking down the front door and throwing a flash-bang grenade into the hallway. Only the grounds for the arrest were not an actual crime – but posts on Facebook

America's political prisoners


That’s how an ex-serviceman named Daniel Baker was arrested in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. He had become disillusioned with American values and left-wing activism while in the army.

As a civilian, Baker gradually became radicalized, believing everything the liberal media was broadcasting. They say Trump is a fascist and Russian agent, is plotting to usurp power, and we should expect an imminent civil war with his supporters.

Incidentally, roughly the same “liberal irradiator” worked in the story of the attempted shooting of Republican congressmen in 2017. The perpetrator, James Hodgkinson, took the press at their word, and thought that by shooting Republicans he was saving America from Russian influence.

However, unlike Hodgkinson, Baker did not do anything illegal. He only went to rallies and called to fight the government. And on the eve of elections, when the liberals had another aggravation, Baker began to advise his subscribers to buy guns and prepare for war.

The FBI got him for that. Which is very telling at a time when thousands of actual anti-fa and BLM pogromists are still at large. After all, it takes a lot of work to find them, which is why scapegoats like Baker get arrested for their social media posts.

And the magistrate also refused to release Baker on bail – on the pretext of “radical views”. This is certainly something new in the First Amendment’s interpretation of free speech. America has another political prisoner in jail for thought crimes.

Baker joins a hundred and fifty right-wing activists who are being tried to portray as rebels in circumvention of the US constitution. They are apparently still being tried out for “wrong-headedness”, which could become a mass practice with the passage of anti-extremism laws.

Malek Dudakov


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