Ukrainians pay 20 times more for pumping gas than Gazprom pays to Naftogaz

Housing and communal services tariffs have turned into open robbery of the population.

Ukrainians pay 20 times more for pumping gas than Gazprom pays to Naftogaz

According to Alexander Dubinsky in his note on the Glavred website, according to the draft five-year agreement between Naftogaz and Gazprom, the cost of pumping Russian gas to Europe through the gas transmission system (GTS) of Ukraine will be $31.72 per 1,000 cubic meters, including all taxes and fees. The tariff is calculated at the rate of $2.66 per 1,000 cubic meters per 100 km and based on the length of the GTS 1,192.48 km.

“Gazprom pays about 90 kopecks for pumping 1 cubic meter of gas for 1200 kilometers. Or 9 kopecks for 100 kilometers of pumping through the pipe”, – Dubinsky points out.

“Thus, when Ukrainians are charged 2 hryvnias per cubic meter when pumping 30-50 meters through a pipe built for the money of the citizens themselves, and taken on the balance sheet by regional gas companies for free – this is banal robbery”.

According to the journalist, Vitrenko’s statement that the Ministry of Energy does not have data on the amount of gas pumped into underground storage facilities is not explained by slovenliness, and not by inborn stupidity.

“Everything is much more prosaic. Accurate data on the volumes of gas in storage facilities under various customs regimes allow citizens to ask the Ministry of Energy a simple question: when these volumes were pumped into the UGS. Then, with two clicks of the keyboard, the price of supply of this gas is determined, and a simple conclusion is made. How much does the state deceive its citizen about the price of one cubic meter of gas? And how many officials steal from each payment order”.


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