State budget of South Ossetia can be adopted without a quorum of the parliament

During the formation of South Ossetia, the rules of procedure of the parliament were not properly formalized. Formally, it did not come into legal force. Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Petr Gassiev told about it.

Today, on February 16, a session of the RSO parliament was announced to consider the issue of adopting the state budget for 2021. The quorum did not meet again due to the boycott announced by a number of deputies.

According to Petr Gassiev, due to a gap in the legislation, the parliament can pass a law on the budget without collecting a quorum.

“In our actions, we are guided by the norms adopted in the Russian Federation, which say that the law is adopted by a majority vote of parliamentarians”, – said the vice speaker of the parliament.

His statement was supported by the presidential representative in parliament Anna Kumaritova.


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