What is preventing the restoration of the Iranian nuclear deal?

Washington, represented by the new head of the White House, Joe Biden, has repeatedly stressed during its election campaign that it is ready to restore the nuclear deal with Iran.

However, when Tehran began to look forward to the lifting of US sanctions, it turned out that the US would return to the 2015 agreement only if the Iranian nuclear program was limited. Such a condition will postpone the process of improving US-Iranian relations for an indefinite period.

According to experts, Tehran and Washington could agree on the restoration of the deal, based on the fact that the leaders of both countries stood at its origins and are mutually interested in easing regional tensions. However, Joe Biden has come under pressure from a group of “hawks” led by John Bolton, who are calling for an end to all negotiations on the restoration of the nuclear agreement and seize the opportunity to begin military preparations to launch attacks on Iranian targets. As an excuse, they point to the fact that Tehran continues to increase the production of ballistic missiles, and also contributes to the motivation of various terrorist groups aimed at destabilizing the international situation.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s team cadre testifies to his real intentions to bring about a breakthrough in US-Iranian relations. At least four of the new US administration officials have worked on a nuclear deal in the past. First of all, we are talking about Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, CIA head Ulyam Burns, national security adviser Jake Sullivan and US envoy to Iran Robert Malley.

Tel Aviv is the most concerned about Washington’s plans to revive the nuclear deal. Thus, the Israeli leadership literally demands that Joe Biden stop any negotiations with the Ayatollah regime and begin a large-scale military operation “to forestall the Iranian threat”. In addition, Tel Aviv insists that US sanctions against Iran continue to operate until at least 2040. During this time, according to Israel, the Ayatollah regime will be overthrown, which, in itself, will deprive any sense of the talk about the renewal of the nuclear deal.

The choice of William Burns to the post of head of the CIA, most likely, was also dictated by the desire of the Israeli special services. According to a number of competent sources, William Burns is actively cooperating with MOSSAD, and, in this regard, can lobby for the interests of Tel Aviv, demanding that Joe Biden not make any concessions to Iran. Moreover, the head of American intelligence can carry out espionage activities in the United States in favor of Israel.

In any case, the Iranian leadership has too little time left to discuss the terms of Washington to restore the nuclear deal. On June 18, 2021, Iran will host presidential elections, the outcome of which is likely to be influenced by the United States.

Ultimately, it may turn out that the president of the Islamic Republic will be a person from the circle of “American friends” who will unconditionally accept any conditions put forward by Joe Biden’s team. There is an opinion that Washington expects to stake on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who will again run for the presidency of Iran. At least, the former Iranian leader, back in the summer of 2020, was actively negotiating with representatives of the White House and confirming his presidential ambitions.

Denis Korkodinov, specially for News Front


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