New US military base will appear in Syria

Al Hadath TV reported about the construction of a new military base for the international coalition led by the United States.

New US military base will appear in Syria

According to the TV channel, the construction of a military base is underway in the province of Haseke near the village of Ain-Davar in the immediate vicinity of the border with Iraq and Turkey. Construction materials and equipment were delivered from Iraqi territory. A convoy of 50 trucks is reported to have arrived.

The timing of construction and what forces will be located at the new military base has not yet been reported. It is assumed that the base, like other American points in the area, will provide “protection of oil fields from terrorists”.

The area where the new military base is being built is controlled by the Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance. Recently, the United States has already created eight military bases in northeastern Syria, mainly controlling oil-bearing regions. The Kurds are patrolling these areas under the patronage of the Americans.

The largest military bases of the Western coalition, led by the United States, are located in Rumeilan and Al-Shaddadi, next to the largest Syrian oil fields.


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