Attempt to kill battalion commander of People’s Militia in DPR

In the DPR, an attempt to kill the battalion commander of the People’s Militia when he was taking his child to school was made.

Attempt to kill battalion commander of People's Militia in DPR

The soldier’s daughter was taken to hospital after the assassination attempt in Horlivka.

The incident took place today at 9:00 am. Unknown persons planted an explosive device on the bottom of the battalion commander’s car with the call sign “Long”. The explosives were placed on the driver’s side.

As a result of the explosion, the soldier received a shrapnel wound in his leg and a first-degree shock.

As the first deputy minister of information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov said later, the attempt was made when the battalion commander was taking his daughter to school. The child was taken to the hospital with his father.

“According to my information, the battalion under the command of Dlinny has been causing a lot of trouble for the Ukrainian soldiers lately, apparently this is a reaction. Only Ukrainians do not understand that now there will be more troubles”, – Bezsonov wrote in his blog.


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