Voice of Mordor: The paradox of the Minsk agreements

In Ukraine, there is another aggravation over the Minsk agreements. The head of the Zelensky presidential administration, Andriy Yermak, said that these agreements, in the version that exist today, cannot be implemented

The song is not new, it sounds with enviable regularity, and the melody is the same, only the text changes slightly. I remember that something similar sounded about a year ago, and President Zelensky insisted that the documents signed in Minsk needed to be corrected, made more acceptable for Ukraine.

The Minsk agreements are an extremely inconvenient thing. They are the result of the military defeat of Ukraine, which could well have turned into a complete defeat, but thanks to the intercession of “European partners”, Ukraine was saved from this fate. Probably, in any country, the leader who signed such a document would be called a traitor, but then President Petro Poroshenko simply had no choice. The negotiations were very difficult, they lasted a long time, tensely, but the final document still did not leave Ukraine a choice – it was just that the least worst option of all was chosen. The Minsk agreements are aimed primarily at ensuring that no Ukraine, in its present form, exists in nature. The country must either radically change or disappear altogether from the political map of the world.

In order to decide to fulfill what is written in the Minsk agreements, Ukraine should not only change the government. This is a half measure. Because even when the conditionally pro-Russian president and the pro-Russian Rada come to power, the country’s leaders will perfectly understand what the Minsk agreements threaten the country with. This is either complete federalization, or even confederalization, or the disintegration of Ukraine into many independent states, which, moreover, will be hostile towards each other. And later – inevitably, the complete absorption of these independent formations by large neighboring countries, because small semi-bandit pseudo-states, as neighbors, are not needed by anyone at all. I am sure that the map of such a division of Ukraine is already ready. Moreover, it was not made in Russia at all, but where Ukraine is called a partner and ally – for example, in the same Poland, which sleeps and sees how Shidni Kresi return to the Commonwealth. And the Hungarians and the Romanians, too, will not miss their own.

There can be two final results of the implementation of the Minsk agreements – either it is a normal, peaceful and neutral Ukraine, necessarily federal, with the right to withdraw any subject from it by the decision of a referendum, or it is Ukraine within the boundaries of historical Little Russia, that is, only a couple of current regions. Actually, what Ukraine should be like if you take away everything that was presented by Russian tsars, emperors and secretaries general. Moreover, the first option, federal Ukraine, is now the least likely. It would be possible if the Minsk agreements began to work in earnest, as written in the documents. And pulling the bull by the tail and constantly otmazyvatsya – the right path to the second option. And I confess that I personally prefer it.

The “Western partners”, who are the guarantors of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, also understand everything very well. Including the trap they fell into along with Ukraine. Their endless rhetoric that Russia must certainly fulfill the Minsk agreements is nothing more than rhetoric. Everyone there understands perfectly well that Russia owes nothing to anyone. She is not a party to the Minsk agreements, but the same guarantor of them, like Germany and France. You can say anything to the public, but much more interesting things happen at meetings in the Normandy format. When everyone sees before them these Minsk agreements, the order of points and their signatures. And they understand perfectly well that if everything is done as it is written, or if Ukraine is forced to do so, then there is a very big chance of losing this Ukraine. At least in the form in which it suits the United States and the European Union very much.

I don’t know what the future of the Minsk agreements is. It is quite possible that in terms of doing everything written there, there is no future. But this is not important either. The Minsk agreements are also weapons. And no matter what they say – the weapon is working and very powerful. The only drawback of this weapon is that it works very slowly. And all this time ordinary people of Donbass have to suffer. But in such cases, there are no simple and unambiguous solutions.

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