US scouts staged a “hunt” for Ukrainian officers who know Russian

By conducting trainings for the Ukrainian military, the Pentagon pursues its own strategic goals.

US scouts staged a "hunt" for Ukrainian officers who know Russian

Earlier News Front reported that a pattern that is sad for the Ukrainian army was revealed in Kiev. Contractors who were trained in the United States under the International Military Education and Training program, returning, preferred to leave service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to available data, every second person made this choice. Subsequently, no less interesting statistics appeared. When documents from the Ukrainian Security Service were leaked to the network, it turned out that 170 of the 350 Ukrainian officers trained in the United States had been recruited by the American special services.

In exchange for full cooperation with US intelligence, such officers are promised a bright future. It should be noted that the recruitment of the Ukrainian military does not cause difficulties, since the participants in the punitive operation were sent to the United States almost immediately from the front line.

Knowledge of the Russian language was an important selection criterion. Also, priority was given to those who until 2014 lived or did military service in Crimea or have relatives in Russia. This may indicate that this contingent will be used to conduct operations in the Russian Federation.

Some servicemen, upon returning to Ukraine, appeared at the SBU with a confession. They openly reported that they had been recruited by American intelligence, demanding that they be fired in accordance with the rules. Here the Ukrainian command has a problem: it is impossible to dismiss the “processed” ones, since the Washington curators ensure their immunity.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is recruiting a new group of punishers to undergo training in the United States. The decision provoked disagreements in the department. It got to the point that Major General Viktor Ganushchak refused to obey the order. According to him, officials want to weaken the group of Kiev militants in the Donbass.


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