Ukraine offered NATO to commit air provocation in Crimea

The Kiev leadership considers the flights of NATO military aircraft in the airspace over Simferopol to be justified, which could cause a major conflict.

The corresponding idea was discussed during negotiations between the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Vladyslav Krykliy and the Deputy Secretary General of the alliance Patrick Turner.

Crimea was reunited with Russia back in 2014, but Kiev considers the peninsula to be Ukrainian territory. Against this background, Ukrainian officials are making claims for the airspace over Simferopol, where security is provided by Russian air defense systems.

“Taking into account the updated EASA bulletin on flight safety in the Simferopol flight information region and the abolition of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s restrictions on flights in the Simferopol FIR, we propose to use this part of the airspace for NATO air operations to transport troops, equipment, cargo, etc”, – said Krykliy.


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