The way freedom of speech is being destroyed in Ukraine, the EU and the United States

On Tuesday, February 9, at 14:00, FAN and the Patriot Media Group held a broadcast on the topic “It will be worse further. The way frredom of speech is being destroyed in Ukraine, the European Union and the United States”.

The way freedom of speech is being destroyed in Ukraine, the EU and the United States

A total attack on freedom can be observed in the so-called democratic countries, in the European Union criminal cases are brought up against media representatives, searches are carried out and threatened, the United States organizes persecution of people who are not ready to bend under the line of the Democratic Party, in Ukraine Zelensky closes three popular TV channels by his decree and introduces sanctions against a citizen of his own country. Could it be worse?

This is what we discussed with the experts. In Ukraine, they propose to introduce “passports of loyalty” and punish those who do not love Zelensky enough with hryvnia. Also, more and more ardent voices are being heard demanding war and other decisive actions in Donbass and even in the Crimea. The persecution of the Russian language continues, and the most frostbitten Ukrainian politicians propose to deprive Russian-speaking citizens of elementary rights.

European politicians are afraid of losing public opinion out of control. Europe is preparing to submit to the new US administration. Eurosceptics and the European right are like a bone in the throat of this policy. The fight against them can take a totalitarian turn.

The US plans to finish off its “internal rebels”. A powerful media machine is involved in the massacre of the unwanted.

As part of the broadcast, we predicted where the offensive on freedom and human rights would continue, whether to expect a military conflict in Ukraine. They told why there is no resistance to oppression in Europe and the USA. Will Ekho Moskvy, Dozhd and other dubious media continue broadcasting, taking advantage of the fact that our country is a truly free and democratic state?


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