Sandu plays dirty political games – Dodon

The chairman of the Party of Socialists (PSMR), ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon criticized the policy of the new president of the republic, Maia Sandu.

Sandu plays dirty political games - Dodon

Dodon noted that the office of the President of Moldova is busy with trips abroad and election campaigning instead of working on the welfare of the country.

“We, the socialists, are ready to ensure the organization of early parliamentary elections, but until then, together with the citizens, we want to understand why the country suddenly stopped. We want to understand why Sandu and the Action and Solidarity Party are playing dirty, shameful political games, leading people by the nose. Playing with the nomination of the Gavrilitsa government is a theater of the absurd”, – Dodon said.

He also stressed that Sandu “started promoting people from her environment to positions who turned out to be hidden millionaires and holders of fake diplomas”.

“While the president is sleeping or traveling abroad, playing political games with ‘trump cards in his sleeve’ against the interests of citizens, we, other political forces, must act more firmly”, – concluded Igor Dodon.


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