Lavrov announced attempts of the West to make Russia an “obedient” country

The West wants to make Russia an “obedient” country and a convenient territory for promoting its own interests, these attempts are getting more and more fierce, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“You can see how the situation on the world stage is developing. Any attempts by Russia to become independent, to defend its right to an independent foreign policy, to defend international law are meeting with increasingly fierce resistance from our Western colleagues who want to make us, by and large, “obedient” , want to force us to agree with those very dubious interpretations of universal human values ​​that they themselves profess and that contradict the Russian cultural tradition, our civilizational traditions”, – Lavrov said at the ceremony of laying flowers at the memorial plaques of the employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Trade, who died during the war, the memory of the victims of the repressions of the 1930-40s and the memory of the employees of the diplomatic service who died in the line of duty.

“And they want Russia, by and large, to be a convenient territory for promoting their own interests in the security, economic, and social and political spheres. Every day we see these attempts become more and more fierce”, – he added.

According to Lavrov, the strength, knowledge and experience of Russian diplomats, relying on the wisdom of their predecessors, should be actively used to persistently advance the foreign policy course determined by the Russian president.
Day of the diplomatic worker is celebrated in Russia on February 10.


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