Ukrainians have fake gas debts

Ukrainians pay their gas bills, and then receive a notification of an impending shutdown for debts.

Ukrainians have fake gas debts

As the Correspondent writes, the accounts displayed in the offices are confused. As a result, gas delivery is paid to the company that needs to be paid only for the used cubic meters. Former Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk wrote about such a problem on his Facebook page, who was threatened with shutting down the utility service.

“In January I received a gas bill and paid it through Privatbank. Today I received a message from Kievoblgaz about a forced shutdown due to debt. I called the company. I was offered an algorithm for solving my problem, mine. It turns out that the money was received for KievOblGazSbyt. And now I have to apply to the department with the documents to return the amount”, – Danilyuk wrote.

“It turns out that this is a typical problem. Either for technical reasons or for other reasons, money appears in a parallel account of the same or related company. The call center sees this money, but cannot transfer it. How many people have to spend their time to solve a problem while the company is using their money and abusing manipulative tactics?”


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