Ideology or earnings? How will Ukraine’s refusal from the Russian “Sputnik” turn out?

At the end of January, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky celebrated his birthday. Congratulating him, the protesters at that moment in Kiev were not too lazy and brought their gift – a piano, which was installed at the entrance to the administration with the slogan “For an encore”. Protesters later explained: Zelensky is better at speaking out and making people laugh than running the state.

It is not only difficult to argue with this thesis, but even unreasonable, given that the comedian’s activities did not bring human casualties. But the deaths of the civilian population of Donbass and the systematic destruction of Zelensky’s own army, apparently, are not enough, and now the next in line are the citizens of Ukraine – from young to old.

We are talking about the upcoming vaccination, which, however, is not yet to come in Ukraine.

Russia, the European Union, the countries of the third world – gradually a systematic fight against coronavirus through vaccination begins all over the world, and only Ukraine stands with an outstretched hand, and Zelensky himself put it that way.

As it turned out, the problem is that Kiev simply does not have money to buy a high-quality vaccine, and therefore there is a choice: either rely solely on humanitarian aid on the international line, or buy a low-quality drug.

Ukraine did not receive the promised million doses of Pfizer, instead it was possible to agree on only one hundred thousand units of the drug, which is disastrously negligible against the background of the incidence rates. The second option is the dubious acquisition of Sinovac, which has already turned into a corruption scandal. As it turned out, the officials responsible for preparing the project significantly overestimated the purchase price, and there is no need to think long about where the difference should go.

There is, of course, a third option. Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”, which is registered in Russia itself, as well as in a number of other states, including the European Union. Russia is ready to help Ukraine, but Kiev has already said: under no circumstances will there be Sputnik in the country. At the same time, “Sputnik” already exists in the Donbass Republics so ardently hated by Kiev, and not only is there, but the planned vaccination of the population is already underway. The propaganda machine is pushing the levers: this is a test, this is a fake, this is not a vaccine. But it seems that it is time for Kiev itself to sound the alarm. After all, let me remind you that it is there that the country’s chief physician warns that not everyone will survive the vaccination with the drugs that Kiev has, and the president will beg for alms.

“The fact that Ukraine is not an equal member of the European Union or the world was confirmed by the conditions of vaccination. We are not a priority for countries that are already receiving the vaccine, unlike other countries. The EU countries with which we have a wonderful relationship – I contacted their leaders and they said that they would help a little from their own vaccine supplies. And it is difficult to explain to the people that they will give us a little… It is very unpleasant to realize that you are standing with an outstretched hand”, – these are Zelensky’s words.

Georgy Medvedev, specially for News Front


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