Denouement of the impeachment

Trump’s impeachment procedure is coming to a logical conclusion. The defense and prosecution lawyers presented facts in their favor in the Senate. Probably no witnesses will be invited – after a short debate, the question of impeachment will be hastily put to the vote.

Senators are in a hurry – after all, they all perfectly understand that this is just a political circus that distracts attention from real problems. The epidemic and crisis have not disappeared anywhere – and the first economic data on unemployment under Biden is not at all encouraging. But instead, legislators have to be distracted by impeachment.

Trump’s lawyers have announced that they consider the procedure itself unconstitutional – after all, Congress simply does not have the authority to judge the private citizen, which is now the retired president. The precedents of impeachment of former politicians (albeit not presidents) have already taken place in history – although many constitutional lawyers consider it illegal.

The defense cited examples of comments from many Democrats who recently openly called for riots. Nancy Pelosi in the summer of 2018: “I don’t understand why the whole population is against migration policy”.

Liberal Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley during BLM protests in summer 2020: “The riots must go on”. And her colleague Corey Bush literally the day before yesterday supported the prisoners’ riot  in St. Louis Prison – after she called the theatrical assault on Congress “an act of terrorism”.

It is clear that none of them will be impeached for openly supporting the pogroms. By the way, you can compare this with Trump’s words on January 6: “You must fight firmly for your values”, for which they are trying to impeach him. Moreover, Trump, who allegedly incited the crowd to storm Congress, said them half an hour after the start of this very storm.

A short epic of impeachment with bayonets, which takes place in a closed from the whole world Congress and costs half a billion dollars, probably will last another week. It is expected that 53-55 senators will support the impeachment of Trump with the required number of votes in 67, and this will finally end.

Malek Dudakov. Author’s channel


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