Alexander Rogers: the source of world tensions

You know, I have a lot of respect for geostrategic games. They allow you to simulate various situations in international politics and better understand the processes taking place there, creating a simulation, and not breaking firewood in reality

Alexander Rogers: the source of world tensions

So, there is such a game – “Hearts of Iron”. The Second World War is modeled there. Starting, as it may seem strange to some, since 1936.

You run a country (arbitrarily, to choose from). Make it stronger, develop industry and science, conclude diplomatic and trade agreements.

And at this time in the corner of the screen there is a small inconspicuous indicator “Tension”. And many actions performed in the game lead to a slight, but increase in this indicator. The remilitarization of the Ruhr area, the Anschluss of Austria, the Balkan crisis, the Soviet-Finnish war, the Italian fighting in Ethiopia, the Spanish civil war, naval blockades – all this and much more makes the meter tick.

“Nobody wanted war, the war was inevitable” (c)

Of course, the actions of individual countries can partially reduce tension – the signing of peace treaties and non-aggression pacts, the renunciation of territorial claims, and so on.

But the action of one or two countries is never enough when the rest of the world is headed for bloody frenzy. And when the counter reaches 100%, a world war begins.

In recent years, we have been living in a situation very much reminiscent of the pre-war period of the 1936-1940s. Military blocs, invasions of third countries, externally inspired coups d’état, the struggle for markets and spheres of influence – all this inevitably increases the level of tension in the world.

Although Russia is doing its best to reduce the tension, it is impossible to do this unilaterally.

Even if the new American administration declares that it is ready to sign an extension of the START treaty and hold negotiations on the “open skies”, but at the same time they threaten new, unmotivated sanctions and introduce convoys of their troops into Syria (where, according to international law, if there are still such, it has no right to be at all).

In general, the role of the Third Reich in the current situation is certainly played by the United States of America. Resentment, longing for the lost greatness, many years of blaming others for all their troubles – mainly Russia and China – and more recently also the most severe censorship, five minutes of hatred and the search (moreover, a successful) internal enemy.

The open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary circles of financial capital, multiplied by the modern possibilities of censorship and surveillance by large IT corporations – the old definition of Dimitrov with a clarification of new technological possibilities is quite applicable to the modern USA.

And the United States has also been the main source of instability and tension in the world in recent years. Unmotivated and illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, coercion of EU sanctions, the collapse of Libya, destroyed Syria, coups d’état in Georgia, Egypt and Ukraine, attempts to arrange coups in Venezuela and Belarus, threats and blackmail against North Korea, Iran, the assassinations of high-ranking Iranian military personnel and even the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – all this only aggravates the situation in the world, plunges the planet into chaos and wars, brings evil and destruction.

In fact, the hysterical behavior of the United States is caused by the fact that its socio-political system is deeply flawed and archaic. And the economic model is inefficient and uncompetitive – with deep distortions in consumption to the detriment of production, with an excessive concentration on speculation to the detriment of the real sector of the economy, with too expensive production costs.

At the same time, American society is overly ideologized and dogmatic in order to even admit that it has such serious problems (people who try to at least give a hint about their presence are immediately censored and harassed), not to mention the search for effective solutions.

And the total isolation of the American political elite, when the same families hold the posts of ministers, judges and congressmen for several generations, has led to a total degradation of the elites, a sharp drop in the level of their competencies. Therefore, those who rule do not have the qualifications necessary for anti-crisis management, and people who correctly understand the problems and see the ways out of crises will never be allowed into power. Hereditary gerontocracy on the march.

The falling American hegemony is trying to drag the entire planet down into chaos and devastation. Our task is to prevent them from doing this, let them fall on their own.

Alexander Rogers, exclusively for News Front


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