Ukrainian city Odessa may become graveyard of chemical waste from India

The Indian government decided to no longer litter its territory with chemical waste and send it to Ukraine.

According to the Telegram channel “Welders”, it is possible that soon chemical waste will be brought to Odessa from India.

“On February 4, behind closed doors, negotiations between the regional administration and a delegation from India were held in Odessa, at which the issue of the delivery and disposal of chemical waste on the territory of the region was discussed. The Indians intended to sign an agreement for 5 years, with subsequent prolongation. The agreement was not signed for a trivial reason: because of the greed of Ukrainian officials. The parties could not agree on the amount of the deal”, – the message says.

Negotiations have been postponed until spring. By this time, the Ukrainian side intends to think over the question of how to cash in on the construction of a waste landfill, primarily by saving on the safety of the facility.


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