Minimum wage in Ukraine 10 times lower than in Europe

The loud slogan of the Maidan “Ukraine is Europe” remains an empty sound

Minimum wage in Ukraine 10 times lower than in Europe

According to Ukrainian News with reference to Eurostat, the minimum wage in Ukraine is 6 thousand hryvnia. This is almost 9-10 times lower than in Ireland and Germany, and 13 times lower than in Luxembourg. Compared with other countries, the comparison is still not in favor of Ukraine.

“The minimum wage in the east of the European Union is 700 euros on average. In the northwest of the Union, average wages are twice as high. In January 2021, in ten EU member states located in the east, the minimum wage was below 700 euros per month: Bulgaria (332 euros), Hungary (442 euros), Romania (458 euros), Latvia (500 euros), Croatia (563 euros), Czech Republic (579 euros), Estonia (584 euros), Poland (614 euros), Slovakia (623 euros) and Lithuania (642 euros)”, – the message says.

In five other countries, located mainly in the southern EU, the minimum wage is from 700 euros per month: Greece (758 euros), Portugal (776 euros), Malta (785 euros), Slovenia (1,024 euros) and Spain (1108 euros)… In the remaining six countries located in the west and north, the minimum wage exceeded 1,500 euros: France (1,555 euros), Germany (1,614 euros), Belgium (1,626 euros), the Netherlands (1,685 euros), Ireland (1,724 euros) and Luxembourg (2,220 euros).


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