IMF secretly demands from Ukraine a new increase in tariffs for the population

The terms of the new tranche also include the implementation of judicial and pension reforms.

According to the Telegram channel “Resident”, the IMF requires Ukraine to sign an additional protocol, which indicates the obligations of the authorities to the Fund to receive the next tranche. In addition to judicial and pension reform, the Government must agree with the IMF a plan to raise tariffs for gas and electricity for the population.

“The cost of gas for the population in 2021 will grow by 20%, in 2022 – by 10%. In 2023-2024, tariffs are projected to increase by 5% annually. Following the rise in gas tariffs, tariffs for centralized heating and hot water will automatically increase. In 2021, growth will be 16-18%, in 2022 – 6-9%, and in 2023-2024 – from 3 to 5%. Electricity prices will grow the most in 2021 by 43%, in 2022 by 19%, and by 15% in 2023-2024. The figures should be updated every year based on inflation”, – the message says.

According to the channel’s experts, given the Fund’s mandatory requirement to adopt the controversial bill # 3613 in 2021, the IMF deliberately destroys Zelensky’s rating.


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