By provoking a famine, the US crosses off Yemeni Houthis’ terrorist list

US authorities have provoked a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, with one of their most controversial decisions being abandoned

As News Front previously reported, at the end of last year the US State Department declared the Yemeni Hussite movement a terrorist organisation. The decision led to the fact that non-governmental organisations could not deliver humanitarian aid to Yemen.

Yemen, where there has been armed conflict for many years, produces almost no food. 90% of provisions are supplied through commercial channels, and aid organisations give coupons or cash to Yemenis to buy food. Because of the US, the system was on the verge of collapse, so, after a wave of criticism, Washington announced it would review the decision.

“Our action is entirely driven by the humanitarian consequences of this last-minute appointment by the previous administration, which the United Nations and humanitarian organisations have made clear will precipitate the worst humanitarian crisis in the world”, –  a State Department spokesman said.

The UN backed the US administration’s decision, recalling that it regards the events in Yemen as the biggest humanitarian crisis on the planet, affecting 80% of the country’s population.

“We welcome the stated intention of the US administration to repeal this definition, as this will provide deep relief to the millions of Yemenis who rely on humanitarian aid and commercial imports to meet their basic survival needs”, –  said UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric.


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