“We must now be very, very careful” – Merkel

Chancellor Merkel continues to call for prudence despite the drop in corona infection rates. She again rejected criticism of the slow-starting vaccination campaign. Germany “still has a long way to go to catch up”.

"We must now be very, very careful" - Merkel

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) does not have much good news to report these days. Her government is under pressure over the slow delivery of Crown vaccines. Nevertheless, the chancellor is looking forward to more public appearances. After facing frustration from long-suffering parents in the morning, she answered questions from RTL/ntv in the evening.
Merkel again warned that corona protection rules must be adhered to, especially in nursing homes – despite falling infection rates.

“We have to be very, very careful now so that not so many more people die on the last meters”, –  Merkel said in a conversation with Frauke Ludowick and Nikolaus Blome, who writes as a columnist for SPIEGEL.

Merkel did not take criticism over the sluggish supply of Corona vaccines. “I think it has passed pretty quickly now,” the chancellor said. Last summer she would hardly have dared to predict whether there would be a vaccine for Christmas.


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