Ukraine urgently calls on Belarus over power plant accidents

Ukraine has asked Belarus for emergency supplies of electricity due to accidents at two power plants, the Belarus 1 TV channel has reported

Ukraine urgently calls on Belarus over power plant accidents

The volume of supplies will amount to 500 megawatts. The request for electricity supply was received by Belenergo, which is the counterparty of the Ukrainian side.

On February 2 and 3, power units at Kurakhovskaya TPS and Zaporizhzhya TPS were shut down, with the latter accident accompanied by a fire at a substation. The problem could not be resolved with internal resources, and consumers in central Ukraine faced certain difficulties.

Earlier, last January, Belarus already carried out emergency supplies of electricity to Ukraine due to the growth of its consumption amid the abnormal cold weather in the republic.

It also became known that Ukraine had resumed importing electricity from Russia since the beginning of February. The volume of purchases is 200MWh. The country also imports 420 MWh from Belarus, 278 MWh from Slovakia, while exporting 3 MWh to Romania and 7 MWh to Hungary.


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