Turkey has accused the US of staging a coup d’état in 2016

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu reiterated his claims of a coup yesterday, this time pointing directly at the US

Turkey has accused the US of staging a coup d'état in 2016

According to Turkey’s Agenda tg channel, Soylu said earlier that it was not the Gulenists who tried to stage the coup further without elaborating.

“But that doesn’t mean he didn’t mean they were used, i.e. to say Soylu is whitewashing Gulen despite his hyper-praising remarks before he joined Erdogan’s party”, –  the channel’s authors wrote.

This time, lest there be a misunderstanding about both Gulen and the “customers”, Soylu expressed himself even more clearly:

“It is clear that America was behind the coup in 2016. And FETO was the executor at their behest”, –  the Turkish minister said.


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