Biden delivers first foreign policy speech

The US president spoke about ending isolationism, stepping up democratisation efforts abroad and stepping up opposition to perceived hostile moves by Russia and China

Speaking at the State Department on Thursday, US President Joe Biden said the new US administration would end the isolationist foreign policy pursued by previous US leader Donald Trump, intensify its democratisation efforts abroad and strengthen opposition to perceived hostile moves by Russia and China.

“I want the world to hear the following message today: America is back. America is back. Diplomacy is back at the centre of our foreign policy”, –  Biden proclaimed.

As the White House chief argued, Washington faces “looming authoritarianism, including China’s growing ambitions,” its desire “to rival the United States, and Russia’s determination to damage” American democracy.

“Increasing global challenges” – from pandemics to the climate change-induced crisis to nuclear proliferation – “can only be solved by countries working together and in concert”, –  Biden stressed,   – “We cannot achieve this alone.”

In this regard, the 46th US president expressed the view that US alliances and alliances with other countries are Washington’s “greatest asset”.

“Diplomacy means standing shoulder to shoulder with our key allies and partners. We intend to restore our credibility and moral authority, which for the most part has been lost”, –  Biden said.

Touching on US-Russia relations, Biden said the United States would not hesitate to seek consequences for moves by Moscow that Washington deems not in its interests.

“The days when the United States was making concessions are coming to an end”, –  Biden said, arguing that Russia was taking “aggressive actions” against his country.

The president promised that the United States plans to push its allies and partners to confront Russia as well.

“We will be more effective with respect to action against Russia when we work in coalition and coordination with other like-minded partners”, –  the White House president said with conviction.

At the same time, according to Biden, Washington simply cannot avoid cooperating with Moscow.

“Leadership through diplomacy must also mean engaging with our adversaries and rivals diplomatically when it is in our interest and contributes to the security of the American people. That is why the US and Russia agreed yesterday to extend the START Treaty for five years, to preserve the only remaining treaty between our countries that ensures nuclear stability”, –  the president said.


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