America knows it cannot defeat Russia with its allies in Europe

America and its allies cannot defeat Russia or China and their allies in a regional war fought with conventional weapons. That is why the United States is trying, in the event of the next regional war, to raise the mantra before world public opinion that Russia or China are the ones who have resorted to nuclear weapons


Former Major General Mitar Kovacs, director of the Eurasian Security Forum, commented for Sputњik-Srbija that the United States should be prepared for a nuclear war against Russia or China.

In particular, Richard said in an article for the official paper of the American Maritime Institute that the Pentagon had not had to consider direct military conflict with a nuclear power since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but now the situation has changed and that “there is a real possibility that a regional crisis with Russia or China could quickly escalate into a conflict with nuclear weapons, if they felt that after a conventional weapons attack they would threaten the political system or the state.

America’s new mantra – blame Russia and China

Kovacs believes that the United States should acknowledge to itself and its public that it is not the only power that solves the key strategic problems of the modern world.

“The aim of the Americans, according to their current strategy, is to confront, confront, and even provoke wars with China both in Europe and in the Far East. Hence these comments and assessments by top US military officials highlighting some alternatives that are objectively unrealistic. I think they also know that neither Russia nor China need even reach for nuclear missiles because they have enough units and resources to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity and their geostrategic interests in regions that are normally theirs”, – says Kovacs.

Washington is looking for an excuse

In that sense, adds Kovacs, the purpose of such an American campaign and the posting of information that is not based on realistic assessments is more than clear.

“The United States and its allies in Europe have no chance of defeating Russia and its allies in a regional war waged by conventional means, which could arise from various scenarios. They know this, and they have largely verified it in the exercises they conduct in the area, where they see great problems in providing national contingents of NATO members to participate in these exercises in peace, let alone to achieve some strategic objectives by conventional means. They understand that some strategic objectives in a regional sense can only be achieved by nuclear means, so these reports are accusations by other great powers ‘in advance’ so that in the event of a regional war crisis they have an excuse before the world public that Russia or China are to blame”, –  Kovacs explains.


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