The Biden aides say sanctions against Russia are ineffective

Biden’s aides have admitted that the US has “largely used up the resource of sanctions”

TASS reports that an article published in The New York Times on Wednesday said that key aides to US President Joe Biden are aware that Washington’s ability to impose new unilateral sanctions against Russia is largely exhausted.
The piece notes that the new US administration has previously criticised events in Russia and Myanmar, among others.

“On both occasions, Biden made it clear that sanctions would soon follow – a favourite American tool of influence, albeit one that has been applied excessively”,  –  the paper notes.

However, according to the paper, “key aides to Biden acknowledged” that, as one of them noted, as far as Russia was concerned, the US had “pretty much used up the resource of sanctions”. Exactly which US presidential aide is being referred to, the newspaper does not specify.

“In vastly different cases with Myanmar and Russia, Biden will have to learn that years of accumulated sanctions fatigue, exacerbated under the Trump administration, as well as diminished American influence, will make delivering on promises much more difficult than when he was vice president”, –  the paper states.

The publication notes that “US sanctions have proven less formidable in recent years”. As the publication points out, the U.S. has repeatedly imposed restrictions on Russia, China and Iran; however, it has failed to achieve what Washington wanted from these countries.


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