Ukraine and NATO: Kuleba is disappointed with the status of a “special partner”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba noted that the status of a special partner outside NATO does not provide for any security guarantees.

Ukraine and NATO: Kuleba is disappointed with the status of a "special partner"

“I am not categorically against this status. I’m just not sure that this particular status is badly needed. I want Ukraine to become a US ally in NATO, not outside NATO. Ukraine has a clear goal – full membership in NATO”, – Kuleba said.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview on the American TV channel HBO, addressed the new US President Joe Biden in absentia.

“Ukraine wants to be an equal member of the alliance, an equal member of NATO… This is one of the most important security issues – the very security that President Biden is talking about. In this case, I have a very simple question: Mr. President, why are we still not in NATO?” – Zelensky asked.

According to analysts from the American Center for Defense Priorities, Ukraine has no chance of gaining NATO membership: the high level of corruption, the economic crisis and the smoldering military conflict in the Donbas do not allow the country to join the Alliance.


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