The uprising in Myanmar caught the US by surprise – Biden does not know how to react

As soon as Joe Biden took over the White House, he faced a test that will determine the role of the United States on the world stage in the coming years.

The uprising in Myanmar caught the US by surprise - Biden does not know how to react

As it became known earlier, the short era of the rule of 75-year-old Aung San Suu Kyi, who previously headed the country’s pro-Western opposition, ended in Myanmar. She spent 15 years under arrest, and four years ago she became the head of state.

Now the local military has declared a state of emergency in the country for a year. The crisis is aggravated by the fact that both the United States and China are seeking to strengthen influence in Myanmar. For the latter, among other things, Myanmar is an important energy corridor.

In this situation, Washington needs to actively work to “restore democracy”, writes the American edition “Politico”. The further role of the United States in the world arena will depend on this. Moreover, the coup in Myanmar presents a rare opportunity to consolidate the forces of Democrats and Republicans.

Only US officials were caught off guard, sources familiar with the Biden administration’s discussions told reporters. One interlocutor of journalists compared what is happening in Washington with chaos.

Ultimately, Biden still condemned the events in Myanmar and promised to review the US sanctions policy.

“We will work with our partners across the region and around the world to support the restoration of democracy and the rule of law, and hold accountable those responsible for overthrowing democratic change in Burma”, – Biden said.

Despite this, sources say there is still debate in the White House over whether the US should immediately impose sanctions on the Myanmar Armed Forces or first try to make a deal with them. Another debate is when to officially classify what happened as a coup. Now the official position of the United States neatly bypasses this term, since its application will require Washington to react accordingly, for which the authorities are clearly not ready.


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