US decides to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE

The country’s new administration is reviewing Trump’s previously approved arms deals


According to Channel 112 Ukraine, according to The Wall Street Journal, US President Joe Biden’s administration has imposed a temporary ban on arms sales to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

“Biden’s aides are assessing billions of dollars worth of arms transactions that were approved under previous US President Donald Trump. The deals being considered include the sale of high-precision ammunition and F-35 fifth-generation fighter jets to Saudi Arabia by the UAE”, –  the publication’s sources said.

US officials said it was not unusual for the new administration to review arms sales approved by predecessors, and that despite the pause, many deals were likely to eventually materialise.

“Consistent with Biden’s campaign promises, Washington is keen to ensure that US weapons are not used to continue the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, where its conflict with Iranian-backed Husseins has led to thousands of civilian deaths and famine,” the statement said.


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