More than 30,000 Americans quit the Republican Party after the 6 January riots

As The Hill newspaper notes, we are talking about residents of several states

More than 30,000 registered members of the Republican Party changed their political tastes after the riots outside Congress on January 6. As The Hill newspaper noted on Wednesday, such an unprecedented outcome could create problems for Republicans trying to decide on the further actions after losing the presidential race and the fight for the majority of seats in the Congressional Senate.

“However, this is probably only the tip of the iceberg. These 30,000 people live in only a handful of states that report weekly voter registration and those citizens who switch parties”, –  the publication said. – <…> many voters change their party affiliation in key swing states”.

For example, since the beginning of January, about 10 thousand registered voters in Pennsylvania have cut ties with the Republicans. A third of them switched to the Democrats, while the rest joined another party or chose not to associate with anyone. At the same time, about a third of Democrats in that state joined Republicans (2,000). In North Carolina, 6,000 refused to join the Republican Party, and in Arizona, 5,000.


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