Bundestag president: Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army

On Holocaust Memorial Day, the German parliament celebrated the decisive contribution of Soviet soldiers in liberating prisoners of German concentration camps

As political analyst Alexander Sosnovsky writes in his tg-channel, Bundestag President Schaeuble, referring to the liberation of Auschwitz, unequivocally stated that its prisoners had been liberated by the Red Army.

“Hear that in Ukraine and Poland? The Red Army. Full stop!”,  – writes Sosnovsky.

Recall that a year ago, speaking in Auschwitz, Ukrainian President Zielenskyy stated that Auschwitz was liberated by Ukrainians, without indicating that it was units of the First Ukrainian Front under the command of Marshal Ivan Konev. The Polish authorities did not invite the Russian side to the commemoration at all.

As a reminder, the name of the front is not tied to the ethnicity of its soldiers, but follows the geographical location of the troops in the theatre of military operations. The front included people of different nationalities, including ethnic Ukrainians.


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